Brian Stout Running for House District 31 Columbia County

-Brian Stout has the real world experience Salem needs-

“For the past 20 years the democratic leadership in Salem has failed. The political class in Salem continues to stand by and watch as our education system fails, our roads deteriorate and businesses relocate. Enough is enough! Allow me to represent you, the hard-working taxpayers of our state and not the failed status quo.” – Brian Stout

-Brian’s priorities in Salem-

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs:Oregon must not continue to lag behind in the race to attract new business to our state. We must leverage Oregon’s natural resources and restore this vital economic sector and work with the federal government to ensure the mighty Columbia remains a vital and viable economic waterway.

Veterans Funding:. In 2016 the voters passed Measure 96 with dedicated funding for veteran’s services. The governor and democratic leadership in Salem continue to deprive our veterans of their rightful resources. I will prioritize veterans funding and fight for those who have sacrificed so much for us.

Education: Oregon’s public education system is broken and must be fixed. Graduation rates must be improved, classroom sizes must be reduced and our school year must be increased. Salem has failed our students, we must fix it.

– Our Community Supports Brian Stout-

“Brian understands the burdens facing small businesses in our state and has proven himself as a trustworthy member of our community. I am confident he will do everything possible to cut through the bureaucratic red tape and tackle the issues that challenge us.” –Scott R. Neish, DMD (Neish Dentistry)

“Brian is an Oregonian first, his perspective is greatly needed in Salem.”-Senator Bruce Starr (R-Hillsboro-1999-2015)

“I’d truly appreciate your vote in this Election.” – Brian Stout

Stout for State Rep. / 503.318.6927